Welcome to Hidden Oak Winery

Hidden Oak Winery

Hidden Oak Winery is located in the El Pomar area of Templeton, just 5 miles east of downtown Templeton. We consider our vineyard as a “piece of heaven’. The west overlooks all of Paso Robles and to the east are endless rolling hills dotted with oak trees.

The soil in which our grapes are grown is considered the finest in the Central Coast. The rocky limestone and clay composition of the Linne Calodo soil provides the complexity and flavors found in our wines.

Our focus has always been growing grapes but in order to understand the needs of the vine and the optimum time to harvest, we studied wine making and found that by controlling the vine to bottle process we can achieve the richest velvety textures that only great grapes can produce.

Hidden Oak Winery is pleased to present it’s line of award-winning wines. These wines have been recognized by some of the most prestigious competitions in America, including the Dallas Morning News and San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competitions. See our awards here

Our tasting room is open Friday to Sunday from 11AM to 5PM. If you're visiting the area during a time when we are not open, give us a call. We will be happy to arrange a private tasting of our wines.