August 25, 2014

Join us in the tasting each Friday thru Sunday

Members of our wine club receive quarterly shipments of our limited production wines with no membership fees, plus a 20% discount on all wine purchases at our web store. For wine lovers it’s a fantastic early peek at the best Hidden Oak has to offer. Our award-winning wines can go pretty fast, so it’s a great way to ensure you won’t miss out.  And join us in the tasting each Friday thru Sunday from 11am to 5pm to sample our greatest hits.

Discover the excitement and history of winemaking


Temperature is a crucial element to serving wine, protecting its flavors and even enhancing its aroma. For red wines, it’s recommended at a temperature that allows the acidity to be discerned, but not so cool as to overpower the effect. Red wines do best just under 70 degrees, while whites generally perform much better just below 50. A good rule of thumb is a cooler temp for more lighter-bodied wines. Comes discover the excitement and history of winemaking on the picturesque hills of Templeton, here at Hidden Oaks.


August 17, 2014


Upcoming Events:

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Wine4Paws  April 17, 2020

Wine Festival May 16, 2020